We have recently launched a new website. Why is this news? Because this will give everyone the ability to do more.

Here are the 5 most important reasons why that's great news:


1) Answers everyone wants to know

Whenever our customers ask us questions, we take note. If those questions come back frequently, we know they're important. With this new site, we've added a Frequently Asked Questions section to share those answers with all our customers, and make them available to everyone!

For more information, look at the FAQ page.


2) Resources to help yourself

Not every problem requires the help of a professional. There are a lot of simple things you can do yourself to improve the quality of your computing experience. We have now added a Resource page to put together the best tips and tricks you can learn on your own.

For more details, take a look at the Resources page.


3) Services that make sense

Clarity is important to us. You shouldn't need a degree in Computer Engineering to use your computer, and neither should you when asking for help. That's why we have revamped our list of services to make it easier to see what you're getting.

Make sure you take a look at the Services page for more information.


4) Stay informed with the latest news

Novatex is constantly evolving, and we want you to be aware of how that may benefit you. Whether it's new products, services, powerful tips or special promotions, there's always something around the corner.

Visit the Latest News page to see what's coming next.


5) Easy way to reach us

We make it easier to get in touch with us. You can now schedule a time when it's convenient for us to call you. Reach out today and get your free quote!

Check out the Contact Us page for more details.


Remember: Whenever you need help, you can count on Novatex, your technology partner.

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