Your trusted technology partner in Ottawa-Gatineau since 2006

What We Do

We provide support services for computer technology operating on Windows, MacOS, Linux and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Install and configure

Hardware, software, network equipment, mobile devices and accessories like cameras, scanners and printers

Security and maintenance

Secure your systems, remove viruses and spyware, update and patch software and improve performance


Investigate and resolve issues including error messages, crashes, unexpected behaviour and poor performance

Emergency recovery

Data retrieval, crash recovery, backup, restoration and other services to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible

Guidance and coaching

Learn powerful tips and tricks and become more comfortable with your technology


Receive the help and advice you need to make informed decisions when purchasing technology items

Latest news

What sets us apart is the quality and care we put in our work. I'm not happy until my client is happy.

Alex Stefanescu